Easy and natural stereopsis vision assessment


To place an order

Please send an email to sales@frisbystereotest.co.uk detailing which product(s) you wish to order, and the delivery details.
We will then contact you to arrange payment and shipping options.
You can also order by writing to:
Stereotest Ltd
137 Brookhouse Hill Sheffield S10 3TE, UK
Tel:  +44 (0)114 230 7819

For enquiries and further information

Please send an email to sales@frisbystereotest.co.uk

Test Prices

Frisby Near Stereotest (3 plates)  £160  GBP plus Shipping & VAT
Frisby  Screener Stereotest (1 plate): now replaced by Frisby Pocket Stereotest
Frisby Pocket Stereotest  1 plate (6mm)   £65 GBP plus Shipping & VAT
Frisby Pocket Stereotest 2 plates (6mm and 3mm)   £85 GBP  plus Shipping & VAT
Frisby Davis Distance (FD2) Stereotest) £850 GBP  plus Shipping & VAT