Easy and natural stereopsis vision assessment

The Tests

2 Frisby tests, each suitable for different clinical aims

1.   The Frisby Near 3 Plates
  • Used world-wide in Orthoptic and Ophthalmology Clinics, and by optometrists. Established since 1983
  • An easy-to-use test for stereopsis using natural vision with no special glasses designed for early detection of problems with sterescopic vision in children.
  • 3 plates of different thicknesses presenting differing sizes of disparity cues and allowing stereoacuity to be measured
2.  The Frisby Pocket Stereotest
  • Available with one 6mm plate or with an additional 3mm plate, extending the range of stereo disparities
  • Ideal for simple and quick screening, including very young children
  • Small, portable – a lightweight test, ideal for screening programmes


Please note, the  Frisby Screener 1 Plate Stereotest is now discontinued and is replaced by the Frisby Pocket Stereotest.


Notification of product update: plate corner shape now indicates target

As part of our ongoing development of Frisby Stereotest products, there are no longer studs fixed at the corners of the plates but testers can still find the target by touch. Three of the plate corners are rounded and the fourth is square, indicating the quadrant with the target in-depth. In this way the tester can discover the target by touch, whilst concentrating on the patient and where they are looking.

This change has been approved by our orthoptist consultant.